Updating your code base

Update the code base

Updating your code to the latest updates and features of supastarter is in general possible, we have to mention though that with every change you make to your application, it will be harder to update your code base, because you are essentially rebasing your code on top of the latest supastarter code with Git. That means that you will have to resolve merge conflicts and that you will have to be careful not to overwrite your own code.

Before you update your code base, make sure your git repository is clean and that you have no uncommitted changes.

Then, to update your code base, run the following command:

npx supastarter update

or if you want to do it manually:

git pull upstream main --allow-unrelated-histories --rebase

If you have any merge conflicts, you will have to resolve them manually. If you are not sure how to do this, please refer to the Git documentation (opens in a new tab).