For the blog feature supastarter integrates Contentlayer (opens in a new tab), a markdown based CMS.


Why Contentlayer:
It is a great alternative to headless CMS like Contentful or Prismic. It is free, open source and the content is located right in your repository.

Create a new blog post

To create a new blog post, create a new .mdx file in the /apps/web/content/posts. The file name will be the url slug of the post. For example, if you want the url to be (opens in a new tab), then the file name should be my-first-post.mdx.

The file will start with a frontmatter block, which is a yaml-like block that contains metadata about the post. The frontmatter block should be surrounded by three dashes (---).

title: My awesome blog post
date: 2023-02-28
image: /images/blog/cover.png
authorName: Elon Musk
authorImage: /images/blog/elon-musk.jpg
excerpt: In this post I'm going to tell you about my awesome blog.
tags: [awesome, post]
published: true

The frontmatter block contains the following fields:

  • title: The title of the blog post
  • date: The date of the blog post
  • image: The cover image of the blog post
  • authorName: The name of the author of the blog post
  • authorImage: The url of the image of the author of the blog post
  • excerpt: A short description of the blog post that will be shown in the blog overview
  • tags: A list of tags
  • published: Whether the blog post should be publically listed or not (boolean)

After the frontmatter block, you can write the content of the blog post in MDX:

# My awesome blog post
In this post I'm going to tell you about my awesome blog.